Not so much exciting today, but as it's Saturday, it's the first day in several weeks I could actually sleep in and declare myself with nothing to do (was on the road traveling for two weeks, then got home and immediately had to rush about to come here to Massachusetts). Oh, right, it's Passover, as well. But as a bad Jew, I'm celebrating my family Seder *next* weekend.

Tasks I've set myself for today are very prosaic. I'm learning to set actual tasks for the boring/trivial stuff just so I'm unable to convince myself I didn't get anything done.

  • Assemble the cheap desk I bought.
  • Procure a cheap desk chair to go with it.
  • Set up the scanner.
  • Scan in my receipts from the two-week trip out West so I can submit for expenses.
  • Study my flight manual.
  • Finish a project for work that I need to have done by Monday. much for "nothing to do"...damn. I shouldn't have slept in, I guess...

This had to have been the Holy Week from hell with both sisters in town at my mother's house. Sibling rivalry in remission surfaced big time and I, the eldest, designated peacemaker, am now the only one here.

My mother has been living with congestive heart failure for years with numerous trips to the hospital. Once her blood pressure went so high the cardiologist thought the machine was broken. As my mother chatted with the young male nurse, the doctor said in astonishment, "with those numbers, she should be stroking out."

One sister always comes to visit with an agenda, dragging my mother all over creation for bizarre things on her own "to do list". The other sister patiently organizes, cleans, and does my mother's taxes. I seem to have lost track of what religion I am.

My mother had several episodes of low blood pressure and light-headedness, then her blood pressure spiked, her pulse was erratic, so the sisters left and I took her to the doctor. She was in atrial fibrillation, not our first heart related rodeo together.

Good Friday at 5pm, he changed her meds again, but said her recent echocardiogram showed problems that needed to be addressed by either a pacemaker or "some clipping of her wires". ASAP, which my mother thinks means sometime next week or perhaps in the summer. So, I am here until I can figure out what needs to happen. This was not a Good Friday. Hopefully, Holy Saturday will be better.

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