Footballing institution, famed for helping to form the Football League and a plethora of historical achievements.

'The Villa', as they are affectionately known by the Brummies of Birmingham, dominated English football in the 1890s after the inception of the Football League in 1888. The Villa won the League 5 times in 7 years during the decade.

The League was conceived by Scot William McGregor, the Aston Villa president - and the club was subsequently one of the League's original 12 members.

The Villa were the second club to win the League and FA Cup 'Double' (after Preston North End) in 1897.

After winning the League again in 1901 and 1910, The Villa had to wait a ridiculous 71 years before regaining their rightful place at the head of English football. They followed this triumph with a remarkable European Cup victory 12 months later, when they beat crack German outfit Bayern Munich 1-0.

In addition to their 7 league victories and 1 European Cup triumph, The Villa have won 7 FA Cups and 5 League Cups.

Although recently plagued by mid-table mediocrity, they remain one of the true giants of English and European football. Crowds would flock back given the opportunity to watch good football.

One thing is for sure - ask any football fan in the world, and they'll have heard of the famous Aston Villa.

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