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The third track off of Everclear's 1997 album So Much For the Afterglow. This is merely a media intro from a cheesy 1950's information film called "The Relaxed Wife". The words spoken are as follows:

Today medical science recognizes that some folks aren't helped by relaxing exercises. In cases of difficult tension and nervous apprehension, doctors are now prescribing medicine. It makes those who fear they're about to quit feel like they're ready to begin, bidding their darkened spirits good-bye with the calming peace of a cloudless sky.

Italian band who describe their own style as "Neogothic, Medieval and Renaissance atmospheres and environments, Baroque and Neoclassic sonorities, twilight and intimist harmonies, orchestral operistic airs, contemplative-meditative melodies, experimental research...".

The music on their albums is beautiful and atmospheric, especially the Middle Ages and Renaissance inspired work in "Historiae" and "Sueños". However, it's in their spellbinding live shows where they really shine, adding theatrical elements that fit the music perfectly.

CD discography:

At`a*rax"i*a (#), At"a*rax`y (#), n. [NL. ataraxia, Gr. ; priv. + disturbed, to disturb.]

Perfect peace of mind, or calmness.


© Webster 1913.

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