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Beer Lao is the national beer in Laos PDR. Lao Brewery Company LTD. was established in 1973. Based in Vientiane, Laos, this brewery produces a tasty pilsner beer and purifies drinking water. It is partially owned by the government.

Sold in most restaurants and in storefronts, this beer is readily available. You will be able to recognize the green and yellow lable with the profile of a cougar on the front of a green bottle. Beer Lao is sold in 66cl, and 33cl bottles and 33cl (12 oz) cans. Water is sold in 1.5 litre and .5 litre plastic bottles and 33cl glass bottles. The beer is sometimes on draft, poured into pitchers at ridiculously low prices, I've even seen it put in a plastic bag "to go". Generally, for a 66cl (really 650ml) bottle the price is 5000-8000 Kip. current exchange rate 8120 Kip = $1 US. A pitcher of the beer was 10000-15000 Kip. Water ranges from 2000-8000 Kip depending on size.

The company imports the malt (France) and the hops (Germany) it uses to brew, but Beer Lao also adds some local flavor to the beer, rice. The alcohol content is five percent by volume. It is a smooth pilsner that hits the spot after a hot day in the middle of Laos. Those hot days, big bottles and great taste are easy excuses to get drunk.

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