.....is through his mind.

I have lusted after some incredibly attractive idiots, but the few women I have truly felt love for were both incredibly intelligent. In the long run, that has always mattered more to me than looks. While looks are still a factor, the mind is what decides it.

You want me? Make me think!

...is through his perception of his world. Yowza. Can't get much more pretentious than that. Ugh. But for me (a painter/musician), it's true. The things I see and hear are what drives me. I run on emotion. Not fact, not food, not wealth, not even ideas. Emotions mean so much more than ideas or beliefs. Emotion is key. If you're not emotional, if you don't see things in the world below the surface, I won't give a damn. That's why my girl is so great. She's all about emotion. She bottles it up sometimes the way all girls can, but when she lets loose about something, she really goes with it. She's awesome.

As a man, I can say without a doubt that the best way to a man's heart
is right through the sternum! You crack that bad boy open and there's
the life muscle squeezing away right before your eyes. Whether or not
that is a good idea, (unless you happen to be a cardiologist) is for a
jury to decide.

Surgical access to a man's heart (or a woman's heart for that matter) is best achieved through the sternum, as lawnjart suggests. Direct access to the pericardium can be achieved with a needle aimed upwards from below the xiphisternum. Intravenous access to the right atrium of the heart is usually done through the jugular vein or one of the femoral veins whilst intra-arterial access to the left side of the heart via the aorta can be done through one of the femoral arteries (this is also how they do cardiac catherization for coronary angiograms).

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