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The format for the television show, Big Brother, originated in The Netherlands, but has now been licensed to many countries including Germany, Spain, the UK and the US. For background reading, see
  1. Big Brother
  2. Big Brother, the TV Show
  3. Everything vs Big Brother vs JenniCam

This node is work in progress. It always will be as new a new series seems to be filmed every year. Eventually this node will act as a record of the UK version of the show. If you have any additions, corrections, etc, you could email me (roo@sackheads.org) /msg me, or write your additions up in this node. Your call.

The show

Big Brother is a Bazal production for Channel 4
The the show's webpage is at http://channel4.com/bigbrother/

12 contestants, 9 weeks, £70000 prize.

12 people who have never met before are given the chance to live with each other for nearly 3 months. They are under constant scrutiny, even in the bathroom. The show is broadcast live via the webpage, for 20 hours a day on E4 (a digital channel) and highlights are shown on the Channel 4 TV show.

Every Monday, the contestants nominate two people. The (at least two) people with most nominations go forward to a public vote, (conducted by telephone poll) to decide who should be evicted on Friday. The last remaining person wins the £70,000 prize.

Historically, some very weak reasons have been given for nominations. This has been addressed in the third series (2002) by some new rules.

Drippy excuses like "I don't think they like it in here" will not be tolerated. This time it has to get personal. If any housemate is deemed to be holding back a valid reason for nominating a fellow housemate, a formal warning will be issued.
That's what people want to see; people bitching about other people behind their backs! It looks like the nominations in series 2 were too dull, and they want series 3 to be a bit more juicy.


See Big Brother UK, Contestants for the contenstant lists of all UK Big Brother series.

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