Series 1 (2000)

These are, alphabetically, the contestants of the UK version of the Big Brother TV show:
  1. Andrew
    Andrew was a jolly nice chap, who got on particularly very well Nick, and fancied Melanie. They kissed a couple of times, shortly before he was voted out in week 4.

  2. Anna
    Anna is the only homosexual in the house (and as she's a woman, that makes her a lesbian). Apparently, she used to be a nun. Some people are not so sure. Anna is widely believed to be the favourite for winning Big Brother.

  3. Caroline
    Caroline was nominated by the group every week, up to her eviction in Big Brother UK, Week 4. She was closest to Nichola.

  4. Claire
    Claire is the new girl. She was brought in to replace Nick, who cheated. That is why this list has 11 names, not 10. Britain's press are most interested in the fact that she has had cosmetic surgery, (a breast augmentation).

  5. Craig
    Craig is a scouser. He was generally considered (by the group) to be lazy as he spends more time than anyone else asleep. He proved himself to be impressively eloquent when confronting nick in week 5. Craig went on to win this series.

  6. Darren
    Darren has made friends with one of the house's hens, called Marjorie. The other thing that makes him notable is his nomination style which, without fail, goes something like "I'd like to nominate x because they've got a job/family/friend outside, so I think it would be nice if they had the chance to leave".

  7. Melanie
    Mel used to be considered a bit of a flirt. She was very close to Andy, but since he left her an Tom have been the closest thing to a couple in the house.

  8. Nichola She was load and brash, but quite creative and fun. She fancied Darren, but didn't tell him until just before she was voted out in week 5. Her strong Bolton accent mysteriously disappeared the moment she left the house. During her interview she went all London on us. How strange.

  9. Nick
    Nick. Wow. Nick created so much attention for the Big Brother show that many people believed he was a plant. Full name Nick Bateman (cf Patrick Bateman from American Psycho). He was made to leave in week 5 due to cheating. He had been attempting to sway people's nominations, showing pieces of paper with peoples names on to various housemates. Also famous for lying ("I was in the TA for 3 years", "I got married in secret at 17 but she was killed in a car accident in te Northern Territories" (of Australia, presumably).

  10. Sada
    Sada was the first to be evicted. She was a bit of an annoying new age hippie type, who claimed to be able to see peoples aura etc

  11. Thomas
    Tom is the quietest of all the contestants. He is from Northern Ireland, and is just lovely. He is close to Mel, and was filmed with a visible erection while giving her a massage one day.
(Yes, there are 11 people in this list. Although the competition has only 10 people, Nick was thrown out for cheating in week 5, and Claire was his replacement)

Series 2 (2001)
  • Amma - Dancer. Hated Stuart.
  • Brian - Ryan Air flight attendant. Came out. Brian won this series
  • Bubble - Crazy guy with many hats.
  • Dean - Grounded guitar playing brum.
  • Elizabeth - Thoroughly nice and horsey. Ancient boyfriend
  • Helen - Welsh. "I like blinking I do"
  • Josh - Expensive trousers.
  • Narinder - Noisy and irritating.
  • Paul - Fancied Helen (and they got together after the series ended). Foolish "It was like.. do you know what I mean?.. Totally!"
  • Stuart - Slimy git.

Celebrity Big Brother (2001)

Series 3 (2002) This year there are 12. They've only just entered the house (in the order shown below), so the extra comments are very early first impressions. This will be obviously updated as time goes on. Boys Girls

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