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A collection of all the comics featuring the character Bitchy Butch, created by Roberta Gregory. The black and white comics have appeared in Gay Comics, Diva, and Naughty Bits magazines, from 1991-1999.

Okay, so much for the vitals. A lesbian friend of mine was cackling like a maniac one day, and I casually asked her what was so funny. She shoved this book into my hands. I, a heterosexual male, was laughing for days. Bitchy Butch, an anti-everyone-who-isn't-me lesbian goes around ranting like Dennis Miller on cocaine (minus the obscure references) about damn near everything she sees. The extremes the character takes, her utterly unreasonable arguments, and the fact that she curses every third word make her tirades insanely hilarious.

It's not for everyone, but hey, it's worth a look.

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