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Written by Tanith Lee

"I told you, I've made my choice. If you think you have some damn right to give me an alternative like the alternative you gave me, I think I have a right to pick which course I accept. I'll take the desert, and you can take Limbo PD and shove it right up your electronic valves."

In this two volume book written by Tanith Lee, a young girl living in a world focused on pleasure must come to terms with her beliefs and those of the estranged Quasi Robots that rule their world.

The two volumes Don't Bite the Sun and Drinking Sapphire Wine, were originally written as duet novels, but may be found in a single book titled Biting the Sun.

This hedonistic paradise seems so perfect, with pills for every emotion and the ability to design how beautiful or how ugly you look. Is there nothing one cannot do in the cities of the Fours? The young heroine may discover all too quickly that, of all the things that are limitless...

you should never bite the sun.

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