An addendum to the above:
The Pixies version of Boom Chick A Boom was performed during a radio broadcast at WJUL studios (University of Lowell), December 1986. The bootleg album is referred to as either The Fallout Shelter or The Fallen Shelter. This song was never released.

This is the early days of the Pixies since, from the interview, we know that they are still looking for a record company, and Black Francis is still "Charles Thompson").

I don't think I've ever even listened to the Pixies. Just did some easy research. :)

And now, the real reason for this writeup:
Here's a variation on this song that was part of our road trip repertoire when I was a naive, pure, and innocent Junior Girl Scout.

The leader shouts out the line and the nubile little girlies repeat in unision.

   I said boom! 
   I said boom chicka-boom! 
   I said booma-chicka-rocka-chicka-rocka-chicka-boom! 
   Uh huh! 
   Oh yeah! 
   One more time... 

One you get the basic verse out, it's time to move onto playing with your singing style. Let's start with these (relatively) easy variations:

   Underwater: Sing with fingers dribbling against your lips 
   Loud: As loud as you can! 
   Slowly: As slow and drawn out as possible 
   Opera: Sing in an opera voice 
   Tongue in Cheek: Literally!

~ * ~ Now, let's cut loose and have some real fun with it! ~ * ~

Valley Girl:
   I said, like, boom! 
   I said, like, boom chicka-boom! 
   I said, like, booma-chicka, like, rocka-chicka, like, gag me with a spoon! 
   Like, uh-huh! 
   Like, for sure! 
   Like, same thing...  

Janitor style: 
   I said a Broom-Pusha-Broom, 
   I said a Broom-Pusha-Broom, 
   I said a Broom-pusha-mopa-pusha-mopa-pusha-broom

Barn-yard Style:
   I said a moo chicka moo 
   I said a moo chicka moo
   I said a moo chicka bocka chicka bocka chicka moo...

Flower Style:
   I said a bloom.
   I said a bloom chica bloom.
   I said a bloom chica blossom chica blossom chica bloom...

Doggie Style:
   Whoops.  How did this one get in here?  :)  
   *cough* *blush* *evil grin*

Race Car Style:
   I said a vroom.
   I said a vroom shifta vroom.
   I said a vroom shifta grind-a shifta grind-a shifta vroom...

Astronaut Style:
   I said a moon.
   I said a shoot-me-to-the-moon.
   I said a shoot me blast me shoot me blast me shoot-me-to-the-moon...

Mr. Rogers Style:
   Can you say boom?
   Can you say boom chica boom?
   Can you say boom chica rocka chica rocka chica boom?
   Can you say uh-huh?
   Can you say oh yeah?
   I knew you could!

For more sing-a-long fun, check out Belli's Camp Song listing. :)

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