Break the Cycle is the third major album by the rock group Staind. The album was released on May 8, 2001 by Flip Records/Elektra.

Produced By: Josh Abraham
Mixed By: Andy Wallace
A&R By: Fred Durst and DJ Lethal
Executive Producer: Jordan Schur

1. Open Your Eyes
2. Pressure
3. Fade
4. It's Been Awhile
5. Change
6. Can't Believe
7. Epiphany
8. Suffer
9. Safe Place
10. For You
11. Outside
12. Waste
13. Take It

There are some special copies of the album which contain a 14th track, which is an acoustic version of "It's Been Awhile" (BTW, note that this is the correct spelling of the song name, though it is grammatically incorrect). The album sold 700,000 copies in its debut week and was #1 on the Billboard charts, knocking of Tool's much-anticipated offering, Lateralus.

Rather than actually create something new, singer/songwriter Aaron Lewis continues his traumatic, bleeding heart lyrics with generally well-crafted songs. Fans have come to appreciate Lewis' openness about his life's problems, and his always-reflective, sometimes-distressing songs come straight from the heart. While not as a stylistically complex or deep as other artists, the CD is a solid collection of songs.

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