A man scribbles on a notepad on the other side of the courtyard, his long, uncombed hair held back in a colorless ribbon. He's probably waiting for the train, distractedly peering up from his task now and then towards the tracks. It doesn't look like words - drawings of some kind. He abrupty puts the notepad down and takes a drink of water from a small bottle, noticing nobody around him.

Our tour guide was interestingly strange. He enjoyed using the words/phrases "indeed," "partake," and "if I may." He wore sandals that would normally look strange on a man, but he somehow pulled it off. Although he had large, wrinkled toes that stuck out of them, trudging along showing us around. Shiny white teeth glared out at me when he smiled - a sincere, embracing smile that made me feel that he enjoyed himself.

A young girl on the subway mouthed the words to her book as she read, ignoring the bundles of bodies surrounding her. I could see she had braces, glinting now and then as she stumbled over a word. Her ears faced outwards, giving her a waifish look, similar to an elf. I thought it was pretty. The subway stopped quickly, causing our suitcases to fall over - she looked up and watched us for a while, breaking off bits of each other's lives.

My music is too loud, as usual, driving to buy another pack of cigarettes. A boy walks on the sidewalk - not walks, but instead he dances, earphones on, throwing his arms out in strange disarray. Uncaring of the others walking the same sidewalk, his mouth moving with the lyrics of his song, dancing.. dancing.

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