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are you writing something?  


This is probably an innocent question.   If it were posed by an employee at the sandwich shop.  The one I go to early Saturday mornings, before the lunch rush. It would also be just a question if a person I didn't know were asking it, although I'm not sure why anyone would look over my shoulder at my blue screen and feel it was ok to ask.   It's not ok to ask


Unless.  Unless.


You are the girl with the short dark hair and Canary yellow backpack.   The one who comes in randomly and looks my way less than two seconds.  It is always a moment,  but never more than that.    

Some day she will come over and ask if I want to see what she is writing (an invitation- not an intrusion).  She will tell me that All the King's men  is her favorite book and that she did a paper on in it high school.    She will ask if the other chair at my table is free.  It is.  It will be. 









When I met you in the restaurant, 

You could tell I was no debutante

Dreaming - Blondie

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