Broil (?), n. [F. brouiller to disorder, from LL. brogilus, broilus, brolium, thicket, wood, park; of uncertain origin; cf. W. brog a swelling out, OHG. proil marsh, G. bruhl, MHG. brogen to rise. The meaning tumult, confusion, comes apparently from tangled undergrowth, thicket, and this possibly from the meaning to grow, rise, sprout.]

A tumult; a noisy quarrel; a disturbance; a brawl; contention; discord, either between individuals or in the state.

I will own that there is a haughtiness and fierceness in human nature which will which will cause innumerable broils, place men in what situation you please. Burke.

Syn. -- Contention; fray; affray; tumult; altercation; dissension; discord; contest; conflict; brawl; uproar.


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Broil, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Broiled (#); p. pr. & vb. n. Broiling.] [OE. broilen, OF. bruillir, fr. bruir to broil, burn; of Ger. origin; cf. MHG. bruejen, G. bruhen, to scald, akin to E. brood.]


To cook by direct exposure to heat over a fire, esp. upon a gridiron over coals.


To subject to great (commonly direct) heat.


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Broil, v. i.

To be subjected to the action of heat, as meat over the fire; to be greatly heated, or to be made uncomfortable with heat.

The planets and comets had been broiling in the sun. Cheyne.


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