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CPAC is Canada's national, bilingual, non-profit, non-commercial "Cable Public Affairs Channel", funded by Canada's Cable Companies, carrying 30 hours weekly of original network programming, and 46 hours of committees, public hearings, and conferences programming. CPAC operates at all times, and its content is 98% Canadian.

In 1977, Canada was the first country to televise live Parliamentary debate. In 1979, the CBC was given exlusive licence by the CRTC to broadcast said programming. In October 1992, CPAC was created as the "Cable Parliamentary Channel" to carry the debates and Question Period in the House of Commons. In 1995, the CRTC accredited CPAC with national status, and October 1, 1996, the "Cable Parliamentary Channel" changed names to become the "Cable Public Affairs Channel".

One can watch CPAC on television all over Canada, or from the website at www.cpac.ca.

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