In an episode of She-Ra, Adora knocks back multiple Horde Prime Clones using a force that is unleashed when she is protecting the people she loves. How shall we estimate the force shown on-screen?

First we determine mass. Horde Prime demands perfection, so each clone weighs the same and is precisely in the middle of the BMI. Wrong Hordak appears to stand approximately 60 CM taller than Entrapta, so a Clone stands 218 CM tall, which, if he has a BMI of 23, would put his mass at 109.5 Kilograms.

The force moves four Clones approximately 6.5 meters over ½ second.

Kinetic Energy = (1/2) * Mass * (Velocity2). If the speed of the flying Clones is 6.5 meters over ½ second, then the equation is as follows:

KE = (1/2) * 438 kg * (13 m/s)2

KE = (1/2) * 438 kg * (13 m/s)(13 m/s)

KE = 30,711 kg2 / s2

KE = 30,711 newton-meters

This is equivalent to the force imparted by a 1-ton vehicle hitting someone at 19 miles per hour, which is to say, rough but survivable. Therefore we can say that the Power of Love has the force of a low-speed car crash, which is about how it works out for many poorly-thought-out relationships, and how the relationship between Adora and Catra works for the majority of the series.

Then again the same power healed Catra, gaining the Rebellion a valuable member, taking said member away from the Horde, and giving Adora the chance to mend her emotional problems, thereby giving the Rebellion critical advantages.

So let us say that Love is less valuable as a force and more valuable as a force multiplier.

Brevity Quest 2020

Careful research examines multiple sources and uses multiple methodologies before coming to conclusions. It is ridiculous to try to calculate "The Power of Love" from a single episode of She-Ra, especially when we have yet to consider the Huey Lewis and the News song of the same name. I will attempt to calculate the value and power of love from the lyrics of this song.

Make a one man weep, make another man sing
Making someone weep is an accomplishment, but it can also be done with other methods--- tear gas, or just by cutting some onions. Making someone sing can not be done so easily, but it is also something that say, the average preschool teacher or camp counselor knows how to do. The monetary value of this would be a few dollars for some onions, and a few dozen dollars an hour to hire a performer to lead a sing-a-long.

Change a hawk to a little white dove
This line is much more impressive than the previous line. The type of genetic engineering required to change one animal to another does not yet exist. However, it is important to remember that hawk and dove are not biological terms of species, but colloquial descriptions. A "hawk" could be changed to a "dove" by grooming and training. It would probably take several thousand dollars of animal grooming and training to turn a typical hawk into a dovish animal.

Tougher than diamonds, rich like cream
Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring material, but they vary in hardness. Sometimes, synthetic industrial diamonds can be tougher than naturally occurring diamonds. Synthetic industrial diamonds can start at cheap prices, so lets say we value this at $100. Notice that Huey Lewis changes from a superlative here, saying that love is just rich "like" cream, meaning we could replace love with a tub of Daisy brand sour cream for a few dollars.

Stronger and harder than a bad girl's dream
I have no idea what this means? What do bad girls dream about? How do we put a monetary price on taking a test naked or having your teeth fall out?

Make a bad one good or a wrong one right/power of love keeps you home at night
Again, I find this hard to calculate. Also, I am 41 years old in the middle of a pandemic, "home at night" is my default state of being.

You don't need money, don't take fame, don't need no credit card to ride this train
As far as I know, as a frequent train rider, there are no trains that only seat famous people. Although most train tickets are paid for online or with a credit card, as far as I know, cash payment is still accepted. However, love allows you to forego this payment. How much money are we saving? The price of a train ride varies widely, from 50 cents for a ride on the Guadalajara Light Rail to several thousands of dollars to cross the country in an Amtrak Sleeper Car. I will assume that we are buying an intermediate ride in coach, which costs around $50.

(Various bridges and repeated lyrics)

Tougher than diamonds, stronger than steel
It sounds like Mister Lewis is attempting to sell us a tactical flashlight, so lets look at the prices of those. A serious business titanium cased flashlight costs around $200.

So, most of the things that could replace "The Power of Love" are pretty cheap, including some onions ($2), a folk singer ($50), synthetic diamonds ($100), Daisy sour cream ($3), a train ticket ($50), and a tactical flashlight ($200). Altogether these add up $405, which even in these troubled economic times, is not that much money. The most expensive and ethically questionable part is attempting to reshape a bird into another bird, which seems both unpleasant for the bird and unnecessary for us. Personally, I would just get some onions and sour cream, make some potato chips, and hire a folk singer to serenade me on a long train ride, to capture The Power of Love.

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