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In an episode of She-Ra, Adora knocks back multiple Horde Prime Clones using a force that is unleashed when she is protecting the people she loves. How shall we estimate the force shown on-screen?

First we determine mass. Horde Prime demands perfection, so each clone weighs the same and is precisely in the middle of the BMI. Wrong Hordak appears to stand approximately 60 CM taller than Entrapta, so a Clone stands 218 CM tall, which, if he has a BMI of 23, would put his mass at 109.5 Kilograms.

The force moves four Clones approximately 6.5 meters over ½ second.

Kinetic Energy = (1/2) * Mass * (Velocity2). If the speed of the flying Clones is 6.5 meters over ½ second, then the equation is as follows:

KE = (1/2) * 438 kg * (13 m/s)2

KE = (1/2) * 438 kg * (13 m/s)(13 m/s)

KE = 30,711 kg2 / s2

KE = 30,711 newton-meters

This is equivalent to the force imparted by a 1-ton vehicle hitting someone at 19 miles per hour, which is to say, rough but survivable. Therefore we can say that the Power of Love has the force of a low-speed car crash, which is about how it works out for many poorly-thought-out relationships, and how the relationship between Adora and Catra works for the majority of the series.

Then again the same power healed Catra, gaining the Rebellion a valuable member, taking said member away from the Horde, and giving Adora the chance to mend her emotional problems, thereby giving the Rebellion critical advantages.

So let us say that Love is less valuable as a force and more valuable as a force multiplier.

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