It's a band, but, more importantly, it's a skate video that's an hour and ten minutes long, with about 10 minutes of skating.

There are more than one of these, but I've only seen CKY2K (Camp Kill Yourself 2000), so that's what I'm going to draw from.

The film starts with a disclaimer about death and dismemberment, then the camera comes to a young man's face, who explains that he hasn't seen his friend in a long time, 3 weeks, to be exact, and then walks into his bedroom and punches him while he's asleep.

There is a lot of urine, pissing, shit, fighting, swearing, on this video. And a healthy dose of nudity, both genders, including a roommate of mine's ex-girlfriend. (Boy was he pissed about that.) Also, the man who plays the smarmy fella always trying to get the virgins in the movie Kids (Telly) shows up once or twice.

It gets better.

One scene involves a man playing baseball named, err, Naked Dave.

Another involves the kicking of footballs at passing cars, when one stops to inspect the damage, complaining about it being a new car, the kicker of the car says, "It's a '96!"

"For nine dollars a day, you can rent a car and do whatever you want." The next day, ". . . thought it would be fun to set the AM radio on fire. But then the whole car blew up. And all we had to pay was 9 dollars for insurance."

If you feel up to it, supposedly these people have a new show coming on MTV called Jackass. Think Tom Green with less innocence and more malicious intent. I hear in the first Camp Kill Yourself video, they beat up random strangers with skateboards.

All and all, the video is really well done, unlike many skate films I've seen, and, when they do skate on the video, it's really top notch, I was really impressed.

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