CKY, or camp kill yourself is a rock band, who has gained notority by having a band member who is the brother of a professional skateboarder. Jess Margera, the drummer, is the brother of Bam Margera. The band has some pretty good songs, but they are known better for their skits and pranks.

They currently have 2 videos out: CKy and CKY2K. Most are filled with stunts and pranks done by Brandon DiCamillo and other members of the CKY crew.

Their albums are:

Any CDs still available can be bought from Volcom, their sponsor. CKY is also sponsored by Adio. You can see them on MTV's jackass alot.

CKY was the first video by the band Camp Kill Yourself and it contains mostly skits and some pranks. Most stuff from MTV's Jackass that doesn't have Johnny Knoxville in the scene is from it or CKY2K (their second video). All music on this video was performed by CKY.

Music from the video by section:
SECTION                                        SONG TITLE                              ALBUM
Intro/Opening Credits                          Chad's In Hi-Fi / Human Drive In Hi-Fi  Volume 2 / Volume 1
Shopping Carts                                 Lost In A Contraption                   Volume 1
Kerry Getz                                     Kerry Getz                              Volume 2
Tampa 96                                       Quite Bitter Beings                     Volume 1
War Scene                                      Victory (War Scene)                     Volume 2
Arm Wrestling                                  My Promiscuous Daughter                 Volume 1
Foolin'                                        Foolin'                                 Volume 2
Bon Jovi (Wanted Dead or Alive)                Bon Jovi                                Volume 2
Football Trivia                                Football Trivia                         Volume 2
Indoor Skatepark ("Know what makes me happy")  Shippensbam                             Volume 2
Girl Fight                                     Step To CKY (a.k.a. "Girl Fight")       Volume 2
Hillbilly Bowling                              Rio Bravo                               Volume 1
"Kick my dad's ass"                            Theme from "Kick My Dad's Ass"          Volume 2
Rocky                                          Eye Of The Tiger                        Volume 2
Carnival/Skating                               Sara's Mask                             Volume 1
Christmas Parade                               We Wish You A Shitty Christmas          Volume 2
Santa's Coming                                 Santa's Coming                          Volume 2
Window Cleaner                                 Rio Bravo Reprise                       Volume 1
Last skating section                           Knee Deep                               Volume 1
End Credits                                    To All Of You                           Volume 1

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