The Campus Party series are a new breed of LAN parties, organized by E3 Futura Association, an organization composed by youngsters from the computing and communication world. LAN parties are quite popular in Europe, at first, they were centred around the Demoscene movement, but as other computer collectives grew (Linux users, electronic music composers, gamers, Mac users, etc), LAN parties started to become more generalist, linking different platforms and collectives.

The first Campus Party, called then Ben Al-Party, took part in 1997, reuniting more 246 people at the CEULAJ installations in Mollina, Málaga.

Next year the number of attendants raised to 512, including two people from England and two from Norway!

In 1999, the Campus Party 2K-1 was held in the same installations, despite the fact that attendants were then 878. It was clear that for next year, something was to be done to accommodate the growing numbers of participants.

This year, the Campus Party 2000 has found a new venue, the Museo de las Artes y las Ciencias Príncipe Felipe in Valencia (Spain).
Institutions and sponsors have finally realised the importance of this gathering, so now the Internet connection has much more bandwith, the 2000 attendants now can enjoy air conditioning, and the LAN worked from day 1!

The Campus Party is the largest LAN party in the world, and for next year, the organization is planning several parties in parallel across Europe.

You can reach the Campus Party 2000 at, (there are English, French, Italian and Portuguese versions of the web) and you can see it live with several webcams across the different spaces of the Campus Party.

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