Inner Sphere Classified Files: The Major Houses
Cappellan Confederation - House Liao


Leader: Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao
Capital: Sian (as of 2367)
Founded: 2366

One of the playable teams in the game Mechwarrior. The last Major House to be formed, Liao has remained the smallest of the Major Houses, challenged along every meter of its borders with the Federated Commonwealth and the Free Worlds League. Carved out of the dissolution of the Terran Hegemony, the Capellan Confederation was shaped into a military power by the warlord Duke Liao. He likewise shaped a society that, while authoritarian, is fanatic in its dedication to resisting the influence of the surrounding Houses.

After the attrition of the Succession Wars culminated in the devastating loss of almost half its worlds to the Federated Suns in the Fourth War, a new Chancellor, Sun-Tzu Liao assumed power. Although his House had lost many worlds, Liao had not lost any faith, hence he led a revolution of Xin Sheng (or, "new birth") — which led to, among other things, the re-conquest of many lost worlds.

Liao's primary opponent, however, was the St. Ives Compact who constantly harassed the Capellan Confederation's worlds. After The Clans were defeated, Liao launched a huge offensive against the St. Ives Compact and Steiner-Davion worlds. It managed to completely conquer the St. Ives Compact and to force a shared-world-treaty to be signed on many Steiner-Davion worlds.

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