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A girl from the town of Cryassus in Caria. A colony of Greeks from Melos, led by Nymphaeus, founded a settlement in their territory and grew in numbers so quickly that they became powerful. The people of Cryassus became disturbed and resolved to suppress their unwanted neighbours. They devised a scheme to invite all the Greeks to a feast and kill them while they were all together, but Caphene was in love with Nymphaeus and told him of the plan. When the Carians invited the Greeks they accepted, but said that their country's custom required that their wives should also be invited. They were, and the men came to the feast unarmed, but each woman hid a sword beneath her clothes. At a signal given during the feast, the Carians fell on the Greeks, but their guests outstripped them and killed all the Carians. They demolished Cryassus and from the ruins built a new one which they called New Cryassus. Caphene married Nymphaeus and great honours were decreed for her.


Table of Sources
- Plutarch, Mul. Virt. 7, 304

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