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A small, little hick town out twords the middle of nowhere, surronded by dairy and hog farmers. If you drive through it on highway 151, it will seem rather large for how long you drive, however it should be noted that most of the town doesn't go two blocks past the highway in either direction.

Home to Webber Metals, a Cattle Sales Barn, a Casey's, and a bunch of Ma' and Pa' stores and businesses. Has a high school with the nickname being the Cougars, and have won a few State Championships in sports. Not sure which ones, but it has a sign at both ends of the town stating that they have in fact won State Championships.

Has a weekly paper called the Cascade Pioneer. You won't find much in this paper, as it's just about the town and kissing it's own ass. Most people would be better off going to Casey's and picking up a Dubuque TH or a Cedar Rapids Gazette.

The most surprising thing about this little redneck town is that it has DSL service available. Of course my cousin and I are getting an apartment there for that very reason. Even the mighty city of Dubuque doesn't have this option yet, at least to the best of my knowledge.

On 151, if you're heading east you will reach Dubuque about 1/2 hour away. Heading west you will hit Monticello about 10 minutes away. Eventully if you travel past Monticello and Anamosa, you will reach Cedar Rapids about one hour away. If you travel north on 136, you will hit Dyersville and highway 20. If you go south on 136, you'll just find a bunch of farms.

My opinion is that this is a nice little town. I have spent several summers working on one of my dad's farms there.

Having lived here a few weeks, there are a few more things to know about Cascade.

1. If you want pizza go to Happy Joe's Pizza. They have the best pizza in town. If you're cheap just go to Casey's. 2. It's easy to Rollerblade in this town after 10:30 because there aren't a lot of cars to get in the way and stuff. 3. Nothing is open here past 11:00 pm. 4. Beware of Dog.

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