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If you happen to look younger than 19, as I do, you must show your identification to just about every security drone in the place. Some of these people can be fun, especially the half asleep (well ok more than half) ones. You have to show them how to swipe your driver's license containing a magnetic strip through the card-reader because they're putting it through backwards. In a cabinet somewhere I noticed one of those cards people use to give away money. I suppose I could have used it, and therefore contributed the money for the owner for them, watching the trinary symbols spin around, but it was prolly deactivated or whatever anyway.

Wandering through the mazes of slot machines is fun. One in particular makes sounds that remind me of some of Nobukazu Takemura's music. The whole place seems very surreal to me. Riding the elevator up to the hotel rooms is fun, the security lady that works there is the only one who actually cares what you're doing. Of course the place is littered with payphones, and there's plenty of 800 numbers to call in the middle of the night to talk to someone. I enjoy National Discount Brokers, but don't try the Gambling Addiction Information Line, it's out of service. Closed off bars can be interesting, especially playing with the LCD point of sale touch screens. If I wasn't lazy I might have looked for an employee ID to actually do stuff.

Eventually you might see someone that isn't fucked up, drunk, or zombie-like. However, the chances of this are quite slim, and they will most likely leave within minutes. Warning: do not visit this place if you have a fear of society quickly transforming itself into a pile of dogshit, you might be mentally scarred. I found picking up garbage at a park to help with this condition, but I'm not sure of the level of success. Anyway, just a warning to those still with some level of control over their mind. If I become addicted to this place, it sure won't be because of gambling.

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