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Words fail to describe how bad this movie is.

The worst movie I've ever seen; I couldn't have sat through this if it hadn't been MST3kized. Features such memorable characters as Ator, a bare-chested evil-fighting barbarian-scholar, his asian sidekick Thong, a youngish buxom lady who wears a hubcap as a breast plate, and so on.

An evil warlord with a great hat and moustache wishes to gain control of the geometric nucleus (a source of incredible power for both good and evil) from its creator, an idealistic scholar called the great one. The great one's buxom daughter must find the barbarian-scholar Ator, who happens to live at the ends of the earth, overcome the cave people, the snake god, and, together with Ator and Thong, kill the evil warlord.

I sometimes wonder how movies this bad can be created. I don't think that anyone ever sits down and says, I want to create something so incredibly terrible that people will ridicule years from now on a television show. I guess that no one takes responsibility.

"How much Keefe is in this movie?" "MILES O'Keefe!"

"Hey, pick on someone your own opacity!"

"I think this arrow could be the source of your pain."

"Hey, she's wearing a hubcap!"

"Hey, you dirty rats, Henry Kissinger says merry chrismas!

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