May hee be proud, yet poor against his wil!
May hee be forked, and yet jealous stil!
May his wife beat him sober, when he's drunk!
May his Xantippe prove, what's worse, a punk!
May not the King reign in his purse a day!
May he have ne'r a crosse when he shou'd pay!
May no man mind him what he saies! and hee
May he have neither friend or enemie!
May no man read his lines! may none at least
Commend, or laugh, when ere he breaks a jeast!
May he eat much, and yet stil hungry feed!
May no man lend him, when he stands in need!
May he be deep in love, and ne'r obtain!
May all his hopes be frustrate, and in vain!
May his horse in his haste of business tire!
May he be envious stil, and yet admire!

Robert Heath, Clarastella (1650)

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