Singer, songwriter, and producer - all characteristics to describe the multi-talented R. Kelly. He has done it all. Mostly known for his singing, R. Kelly is infamous for his alleged sexual encounters with minors. Though arrested for the charge, he has not been convicted of anything and he is currently out on bail.

Robert Kelly was born January 8, 1969 in Chicago, Illinois. He grew up on the South Side of Chicago. On the tv program Big Break, he did win a talent contest and was nationaly recognized on television. He was brought into the music industry by manager Barry Hankerson. His talents as a musician was part of a group that he was in Public Announcement. In 1991, he left the group to pursue his solo career.

Kelly worked as a producer/coordinator for numerous well known names including but not limited to Gladys Knight, David Peaston, the late Aaliyah, and the group Hi-Five. He became an star after his first album was released, but after his second album, 12 Play, he became a household name among urban hip-hop listeners. On that album, one of his most well-known songs Bump and Grind was on that album. The album stayed at number-1 on the R&B charts for nine-weeks. Kelly also wrote and produced the Grammy-nominated song "You are not alone" by Michael Jackson.

Kelly also went to venture out and experience the other love of his life, basketball. He signed a contract with the Atlantic City Seagulls of the U.S. Basketball League. That stint didn't last very long and he returned to basketball, not even in his prime. In 1997, R. Kelly's single "I Believe I Can Fly" was the hit song off the Michael Jordan movie, Space Jam. That song was also a Grammy-winning single.

In 1998, Kelly released a double-album titled R. The album debuted at number 2 and showed-off the talent that Robert actually had. The album featured Nas, Foxy Brown, and Celine Dion, whom Kelly joined in a duet performing a hit song "I'm Your Angel." In 2000, Kelly released his best album yet with, which spawned perhaps his greatest song ever, "I Wish" and the "I Wish" (remix). Those are such great songs. In 2002, Kelly released a unhyped album with Rocafella records star Jay-Z. The album, though featuring some great music, did not do very well on the Billboard charts.

R. Kelly also did the hit song off the Ali soundtrack, "The Worlds Greatest." Currently, Kelly is involved in a case in which he is seen in pornography with underage females. Kelly has denied those charges, claiming that it is someone who looks like him. In the midst of all the allegations, he released a song entitled "Heaven, I Need A Hug."

Below are the albums that R. Kelly has released:

R. Kelly is also the name of the third album by R. Kelly. It was released November 5, 1995. It debuted at number-one and it features three number-one hits. Below is the track listing of the album.

  1. Intro: The Sermon
  2. Hump Bounce
  3. Not Gonna Hold On
  4. You Remind Me Of Something
  5. Step In My Room
  6. Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby
  7. (You To Be) Be Happy
  8. Down Low (Nobody Has To Know)
  9. I Can't Sleep Baby (If I)
  10. Thank God It's Friday
  11. Love Is On The Way
  12. Heaven If You Hear Me
  13. Religious Love
  14. Tempo Slow
  15. As I Look Into My Life
  16. Trade In My Life

This album was certified five-times platinum. The album won the 1996 Billboard Music Awards: Best R&B Album award. The album won R. Kelly a Grammy for Best Songwriter.

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