Where I come from, no picnic, no family gathering, no church basement potluck supper is complete without Jell-O® "salads", curious combinations of diced fruits, sliced vegetables and spongy non-food substances, suspended in a surreal neon gelatinous lake. My personal favorite, and the only one I willingly eat is:

Cherry Coke® Jell-O® Salad

Step 1: Pick or purchase bing cherries. Wash, pit, slice and freeze in large coffee cans.

Step 2: Prepare cherry or black-cherry Jell-O® according to package directions except substitute Coca-cola® for water and instead of using ice cubes for cooling, throw in big handfuls of those delicious frozen bing cherries. Allow concoction to set up.

Step 3: Cover and take to social event.

Step 4: Accept compliments.

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