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Released by Israeli duo Infected Mushroom in 2000, Classical Mushroom is a innovative attempt to merge the sounds of twisted techno with traditional analog music. Since the days of John Cage, electronic music has mostly been limited to music sequenced on electronic devices using electronically manufactured or tweaked samples. Stepping away from this trend, Amit Duvdevani and Erez Aizen have freely used guitars, strings and piano in making this album, while still using deep four-on-the-floor basslines all round. The tracks are:

1 - Bust a Move
2 - None of this is Real
3 - Sailing in the Sea of Mushroom
4 - The Shen
5 - Disco Mushroom
6 - Dracul
7 - Nothing Comes Easy
8 - Mush Mushi
9 - The Missed Symphony

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