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Connie Dobbs sports J. R. "Bob" Dobbs's last name, but according to most sources she is not really his wife. She is referred to mostly as "Bob's" "primary mate." This is a prime example of the Church of the Subgenius's support of multiple partners. Actually, categorizing the Subgenius Church's stance on sex as "supportive of multiple partners" really underestimates it . . . I would say it comes right out and demands giant sex orgies.

Connie Dobbs has been known to be behind "Bob" 100% in all Slack-related and 'Frop-smokin' activities, and of course she is his favorite sex toy along with a good prairie squid (de-beaked to satisfaction, of course). On the Subgenius hotline, one can call and have phone sex with a recording of Connie, though this is not particularly exciting. She is not, however, worshipped as a deity (though she is sometimes worshipped as a sex goddess), nor do Subgenii attempt to kill her.

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