Located in the very southwesternmost corner of the state,  Curry County is a county in Oregon defined by its rugged coastline and wild rivers.  It is bordered by Coos County to the north, Josephine County to the east, Douglas County, to the northeast, California to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west.  The county seat is Gold Beach, although the county's largest city is Brookings.  Oregon's westernmost point, Cape Blanco, is located in the county.

During World War 2 the county was attacked by Japanese pilot Nobuo Fujita, who dropped two incendiary bombs on Mount Emily near Brookings, in an attempt to start a major forest fire.  It was the first of two largely unsuccesful attacks that made Curry County the only place in the contintental U.S. to be attacked by enemy aircraft during the war.

The county's primary industries are timber and fishing. Agriculture also plays a part in the economy; the climate in and around Brookings is suitable for growing easter lillies, and the northern part of the county is notable for producing cranberries.  Seven rivers flow through the county, including the Rogue, Chetco, Illinois, Pistol, Winchuck, Elk, and Sixes.  Much to the chagrin of the locals, the county is also seeing a surge in retirees, mostly from California.

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