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Defunct File sharing program along the ideas of Napster, Scour, Gnutella et al. It uses a server-based approach, like the first two -I know this is seen as a bad thing, but I still haven't seen a peer to peer system, working like this (but maybe that's because the low user count).

That's its biggest drawback. Besides some pr0n, and some music, you'd be better off using other means to download your stuff. But CuteMX has its share of good ideas.

For starters, downloading a file, it will chop it into parts so you can get them simultaneously (and thus, increasing your speed, like download accelerators), and maybe getting them from different users. Also, resuming files really works, as it will search for the file on other users' lists. I guess these features work on filenames, so it isn't perfect (maybe it should use digests), but it works fairly well.

It also has a friends list which works rather like the hot list in Napster, but it also has an enemies list which keeps selected people from downloading your files (so you can block people with fast connections who lie about that or don't share files).

It also has some little things like putting your shared files in a kind of virtual directory structure, so you can organize a bit your files, helping others. Ah! It has a very useful built-in media viewer.

I'd really like to see that kind of features on a wide-spread sharing system...

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