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A peer to peer filesharing application that followed in the path of Napster, the difference being that it supports files for more than just mp3, such as mpg, jpg, exe, etc. Now with more than 1,000,000 downloads, it has by far surpassed Gnutella. Although it may not be as reliable as its GNU counterpart, it generally returns many more results. Further distancing it from Napster is the (functioning) ability to resume downloads. More info at www.imesh.com.

iMesh has two further features that make it far more usable than Napster:

  • Firstly, it will allow you to download the same file from multiple sources. If you have found an mp3 you want and set it going, it'll see what users have it and read bits from each of them. This both increases the speed that you get the file and reduces the load on the people providing it. More than that it means that if one of the other users quits out, while you are still downloading the file, iMesh will carry on getting it from elsewhere.
  • Secondly, due to the same technology, you won't lose a partially downloaded file if you or the source/s log out while it's being transferred. iMesh will queue downloads and continue them whenever the file becomes available on one of the connected machines. This is very useful when retrieving massive files because you can start them going and then have them download bit by bit as and when they are available.

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