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A 3d online community which lets you build a home, talk to other people and play games.

A few years ago, Cybertown sucked. It was far to slow and confusing for anything useful.

Recently, however, blaxxun – the company in charge of cybertown – has made it quite a bit faster and a lot more user friendly as well as adding voice synthesis. When you type something, it gets read out to the whole room in a low, male computer voice.

When you become a member, you get your own home which you can invite friends over to, your own pet, a bank account, access to online roleplaying games, access to clubhouses and a customisable avatar.

Cybertown is controlled in two ways: two dimensionally or three dimensionally. 2D is just a chat room, you can’t actually do anything else. 3D lets you explore, buy things, do things and furnish your home.

System Requirements:
2d chat: Any Java enabled browser.
3d chat: Blaxxun Contact (free download) - Windows 95 or higher with Internet Explorer or Netscape 4 or higher.

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