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Cytherea (aka Cytheria or Cyntherea), birth name Cassie Story, is an adult film actress, viz., a porn star. She has naturally brunette hair that is often dyed black, brown eyes, and she measures 34C-26-34 while standing 1.64m (5'3") tall. She took the sobriquet "Cytherea" from one of the Cypriot names for Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty.

Cassie was born on September 27, 1981, in Salt Lake City, Utah, although she isn't a Mormon. After graduating from high school there, she moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, and started up her own amateur porn business with a page on Yahoo! Groups. The group attracted a large following, and Cassie changed her name to Cytherea, and then quickly moved into the mainstream, professional sector of porn. Since her professional career began in 2003, she has stared in over two hundred productions, and her immense popularity earned her the Best New Starlet Award from Adult Video News.

Though the porn industry is full to bursting with dime-a-dozen starlets, Cytherea is something of a wonder. Much of her fame comes from her ability to squirt—to ejaculate fluid from her G-spot/Skene's gland (the scientific community debates whether or not these two are the same thing, or are different glands that perform the same function) out through her urethra, the volume of which is usually very strong and has been recorded as spraying as far as two metres away. Due to this talent, a large portion of her body of work is squirting-themed. Bisexual, Cytherea has starred in a fairly even split of lesbian and straight productions.

Some of her more well-known titles include:

Unlike most porn performers, Cytherea has a distinct modus operandi, depending on the type of film she's in. If it's a lesbian film, she achieves ejaculation by having a partner fuck her with a dildo (strap-on or hand-held; both are effective) or vibrator while at the same time applying pressure to the area of the belly immediately above the vulva (beneath this area, the G-spot and Skene's gland is located). In heterosexual works, she'll most commonly be penetrated from behind, in the spoons position, so that her partner's penis will apply pressure to her G-spot. The results in either case are always powerful streams of ejaculate, often right into the camera lens.

She's learned to time her orgasms so that they happen at the same time she squirts. This usually leaves her weak at the joints, moaning heavily or screaming and breathing rapidly.

Recently introduced into Cytherea's repetoire is anal sex, both of the lesbian strap-on variety and the female/male heterosexual variety. She can squirt from this, too, so long as appropriate pressure is applied to her G-spot while she's being fucked.

Before Cytherea came along, female ejaculation was quite rare in the professional porn industry. But once she debuted, it became a industry institution, and squirting-themed films can now be found alongside traditional heterosexual porn and the ever-popular girl-on-girl works in most adult video stores.

As they say in Hollywood, innovations are of paramount importance.

This writeup is brought to you by PornQuest 2006. Also, the fled noder named Cytherea isn't this Cytherea. Believe me, I've asked.

Cytherea retired from the business in 2009. Doh.


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... and a few movies she's starred in that I've seen.

Thanks to XWiz, you can now see Cytherea in action! Warning: Not safe for work!

2006.09.05 at 20:02 Swap says re Cytherea: For a dude who wanted to be a chick, you watch some weird porn, dude.

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