Another bleak addition to the world of cubicle induced hysteria - otherwise known as a job. The company has several technical support centers scattered about the nation, and the one I'm stuck in for at least ten hours a day houses five hundred technicians at any given time. Standing up from my desk I can see the tops of heads sprawling out into the distance like a field of unimaginatively colored cabbages - except for one. There's a young man in one corner with bright green hair shooting up from the boundaries of his cubicle. The one source of color in the entire building and it was more than likely drug induced... A strange contemplation.

In any case, DecisionOne Corporation is "the largest provider of multivendor computer maintenance services in North America" and they are very proud to tout this fact on their home page. Also one of the most disorganized and unprepared companies in North America, they fumble along somehow always staying just above the waterline of bankruptcy. Sometimes a snorkel is required just in case the water rises a bit during periods of non-productivity (which seems to be occurring more often as time goes on).

No worries however - they provide me with adequate insurance, a good 401k retirement plan and a sufficient quantity of money to support myself and my habits. It also appears that no matter how high the waters rise, it's here to stay, or at least as long as I'll have a need for it.

Just in case you were wondering (I'm sure you weren't, but I'll bring it up anyway...) I will be writing all of my writeups from this wonderful workplace, since I can't stand to sit in front of a computer screen any longer than absolutely necessary.

By the way, for those of you trapped in similar cubicle wastelands.....stand up and look around every now and again - make your co-workers think you're odd, but in a way which reflects the fact that you cannot be CAGED.

Go outside.

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