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the most unusual person i have ever met

His name is Green, Dick Green. He believes in UFO's, and once claimed he saw a UFO fly over his house in Basingstoke. He described the UFO as a disc like object which was being chased by an Apache Helicopter, I told him he should report it to the authorities, he replied "Are you crazy man?"

On one occasion, he told me that a grey (a popular kind of alien species) spoke to him in his back garden. The alien told him the universe is full of greys; big, small, and some not grey at all.

He lives in a house all on his own. In his house, he creates elaborate stories of conspiracies the government have against him. A few months ago he said "My phone is tapped! I know it!. They cannot touch me I have spoken to their spies through the television, when the tv. talks to me I hear their voices...outside my ears...it feels like a sharp sensation like a sword to ice".

Dick Green normally wears sandals, a dirty t-shirt and dark blue jeans. He drinks Guinness all day long, as he says it "Gives him nutrients and gets him drunk.". He used to live off about 20 pints of Guinness (for its nutritional content), a pint of orange juice (as he would die without vitamin C) and baked beans (which, he said, gave him energy to carry on drinking) a day. He also smokes a plethora of skunk, a super strong form of marijuana, and taken to the extent Dick smokes it, you can start hallucinating (which he most probably did).

I would come round to say 'hi, how are you doin?' and usually see him in his kitchen with a spliff in one hand, a pint of Guinness in the other and a pan full of boiling baked beans on the cooker.

The tv inside his head became unbearably loud for Dick after he started taking medication prescribed to him by his worried doctors.

He thought the doctors were enemies, they were all secretly conspiring against him. Everyone was, at one point, plotting against him (even the tv inside his head).

They gave him little purple pills to take daily, he said to me that they were experimental capsules which would kill him slowly, although, at first they served as a listening device to see whether or not he "knew the truth" (which he did apparently). He "knew the truth" because he saw, in broad daylight, a real UFO (and an alien who spoke to him), and that is the reason why he claimed "Oh no! The capsules have worked! They have sent their Copters after me!". So when you ever walk the streets with Dick Green (a rare event, as he is scared of the outside world) he is constantly pointing at the sky either in search for another UFO or looking out for Apache Helicopters.

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