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The diocese of the Church of England that formally serves the Anglican community throughout Europe, but also Morocco, Turkey and the whole of the former Soviet Union. (So most of north Asia and a chunk of Africa as well, but excluding Spain and Portugal who have their own separate churches which are full member churches of the Anglican Communion.)

The Diocese in Europe is based in Gibraltar and the current diocesan bishop is Bishop Geoffrey Rowell who was enthroned in Gibraltar Cathedral on 1 November 2001.

An Historical Note on Anglican Churches in Europe

Having established the Church of England as a separate entity in the late sixteenth century, Anglican congregations began cropping all over the world and from 1633 congregations based in foreign countries were placed under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of London.

A Diocese of Gibraltar founded in 1842 to oversee Anglican congregations based in and around the Mediterranean area, whereas from 1883 the Bishop of London appointed a suffragan bishop, (given the title of the Bishop of Fulham), to supervise the congregations of north and central Europe. In 1970 these were united as the Jurisdiction of North and Central Europe under the Bishop of Fulham and Gibraltar and in 1980 this became formally the Diocese in Europe, and the 44th diocese of the Church of England.

Based on information extracted from the Diocese in Europe website at http://www.europe.anglican.org/

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