A magazine the Disney company bills as "Disney Adventures-The Magazine For Kids".

Used to a fairly excellent magazine--it was an experimental move to see if an "indie", kind of artsy magazine could be marketed to kids. They started out running cool behind the scenes, previews, interviews, etc from movies (not only disney. They did Star Wars excellent justice at the re-releases.) Used to contests, features, and other items that were specific to this magazine. They ran quality articles that were actually worth reading even as an early teen. They had good comics, incuding at one time a run of Bone of all things!

They've lost most of their touch now--in fact several years ago. It's turning into a pop culture haven for children, featuring articles about stars, pop culture, and coming as close to being a teen magazine for kids as is possible--all they need is beauty tips and they're there. The comics they run, last i checked, were poor, *all* disnified or drawn specifically for the magazine by hired artists. The magazine has been dumbed down, it's all sound bites and photo clips and short bits of trivia. There's no meat anymore.

DA was a valient attempt at a good magazine for kids--and it still fills one of its main roles, which was a clean, accessable, parent-approved magazine to encourage kids to read, giving them a magazine of their own. But it has lost most of its creative flare and originality, nowadays.

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