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(sung to the tune of "doe, a deer")

dough, with which i buy my beer
ray, the guy i buy beer from
me, the guy i buy beer for
far, a long way to the store
so i'll have another beer
la, la la la la la!
tea? no thanks, i'll have some beer
but for that i'll need more dough, dough dough dough...

As sung to do re mi fa so la ti do, just like Julie Andrews did...

DOUGH... The stuff that buys me beer.
RAY... The guy that sells me beer.
ME... The guy who drinks the beer
FAR... The distance to my beer.
SO... I think I'll have a beer.
LA... La la la la la la beer.
TEA... No thanks, I'm drinking beer.
That will bring us back to...

-- Homer Simpson

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