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More ambient than core, really. As in breakcore, artcore, potty-mouth sampling, or any other the other genres of experimental electronic dance music* that developed at the very end of the 20th Century. More, immersive than ambient. As in, some middle-aged guy in hemp pants playing an Arp accompanied by flute and flanger.

Sinecore typically consists of a progression of dissonant rhythmic impules. It relies on rise and fall of complex, recirculating sounds for structure, instead of being based on drumkit patterns. Without melody or harmony, sinecore presents and then destroys sonic contexts. This simply means that you're presented with mood, a feeling.. a reference point that is then unexpectedly shattered.

Imagine phone sex at 22Khz reversed and interspersed with taser coitus.

The musician Panacea first utilizied the term with his release "Sinecore" (Mille Plateaux). This album was really just a study in sinusouidal minimalism realized in an earlier work, "Brasilia" (Caipirinha). "Brasilia" attempts to convey the struggle of a city that has sealed itself in; and in doing so, it goes beyond to strike a paradoxical chord sounding a release of the self.

As in chanting ohm until I leave my body.

Sinecore, taken in this context, demonstrates music as a tool of consciousness (attaining, deleting, perceiving, whatever). There has been much investigation into the use of sound for shaping the self, the most concrete being Hemi-Sync developed at the Monroe Institute. However, OOBE's or quitting smoking hardly have anything to do with this genre. Sinecore is about breaking down barriers.

Other notable artists and their work:

Nobukazu Takemura "Sign" (Thrill Jockey)
Kim Cascone "Dust Theories 2" (Anechoic Media)
Bran (Another plight of the medic's) Pos "3XX3" (Chitah! Chitah!)
the whole mother fucking Tigerbeat6 crew "Wrong Application" (Tigerbeat6)

* dance music meaning that which inspires movement...

Not the stuff that killed the rave scene.

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