Emmet Otter is Frog Town Hollow's every otter. Son of Ma & Pa Otter. Emmet climbs to the ranks of hometown musician in the Muppet remix of the Gift of the Magi, Jim Henson's Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas.

This heartwarming story begins at the end of the decline for the Otter Family. Life after the death of Pa Otter has left Emmet and his mother in hard times. They survive their frozen Muppet world through Ma's laundry service and Emmet's odd jobs. Ironically, Emmet spends most of his time fixing property that he's broken, most likely, through adventures with the zen Wendall, the porcupine juggist, who incidentally enjoys mashed potatoes.

As one would suspect, the jug... more generally, music plays a key role in Emmet's fifty minutes of existence. He and his mother embrace music in typical Muppet musical fashion. "Grandma's Bathing Suit" and "Ain't No Hole in the Washtub" are two songs that exemplify love of life, humor and sense of home -- "Watermelon in the garden, berries from the shrub, cookies in the kitchen, when there ain't no hole in the washtub."

What about fishes on dishes, and cannabus from the club?

Song is a vehicle of growth for Emmet (as well as Yancy Woodchuck, butcher of the "Barbecue"). Through revelry with "Brothers" and Ma Otter, Emmet realizes that "We're Closer Now Than Ever Before". And that, putting a hole in the washtub in name of a Muppet talent show, wasn't just another unsold bottle of "snake oil".

"When the River Meets the Sea", Ma is goina hock your toolchest for dress fabric. Be warned.

Emmet's nemesis, must be Chuck the Bear, pianist and bully of the gang band, the Nightmare. Although Chuck and his whole crew were able to outshine Emmet and "Frog Town Hollow Jubilee Jugband", he probably never got a real job due to his jeans jacket vest embroidered with Chuck in cursive.

non-unnecessary directional-derivative:
When the hand you've been given includes fifty minutes of existence, don't sweat the attire.<\i>

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