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Doonbeg is a small village in the West of County Clare , Ireland about 4 miles north from Kilkee. The name comes from the Irish words Dún + Beag ( Literally, "fort" and small" respectively) It holds the dubious honour of being " The longest village in Ireland " . One might think who gives a shit , but on further examination Donbeg, is quite a surprising place.

Doonbeg is host to a brand spanking new 18 hole Golf Course, designed by none other than Greg Norman himself. This links course is readily acknowledge as one of the best in the Country - up there with Lahinch and the K-Club. In the words Of Norman, " . . . It's Ireland. It's Irish golf. It's links golf. Sand dunes like you'll never see again, working hand in glove with the environmentalists. I tell everybody about this course. I tell them that I have got the best site in the world and it's at Doonbeg in Ireland." . The environmentalists mentioned refer to those committed to the preservation of a species of tiny snails, unique to the area.

Doonbeg is also host to the Doonbeg Drama Festival and the Doonbeg Jazz Festival. The former is a renowned and prestigous amateur theatre festival that is run for two-weeks during the spring. It really is excellent, as a teenager I witnessed many amazing plays. The latter is a famous week-long Jazz extravaganza, run during July. It attracts hundreds , drawn to both performances and workshops.

Due to it's ideal location on the wild Atlantic Ocean, Doonbeg is a superb spot for surfing. Two of its breaks, Doughmore Beach and Doonbeg Castle have even been mentioned in that sacred suring tome, The StormRider's Guide To Europe . White Strand is also a worthwhile visit, especially if Doughmore (Dougie to the locals ) is closing out. Beware of strong rip currents and flying golfballs in Dougie though - it's quite wild and situated beside Doonbeg Golf Course. I've yet to have a golfer ding my board, but I pity the poor fucker who does.

Despite it's small population, Doonbeg has a strong community spirit (mostly Guinness :-P ) and shows that even small hamlets like itself have something to offer for everyone.

Links: www.doonbeginfo.com www.doonbeggolfclub.com

P.s. To all you incredibly witty soft-linkers out there, Donbeg and Doonbeg are interchangable. Just like Lahinch and Lehinch.

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