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Donkey Rhubarb is the common name for Japanese Knotweed (Reynoutria Japonica). The stems are stout and zig-zaggy, growing to 2 meters (roughly 6 feet). The flowers are white and feathery. It is believed the name Donkey Rhubarb comes from the fact that one would be a donkey to try and eat it.

There goes a rumor that it was known as "Hancock's Curse" in the 1930ies. This was because it was supposedly spreading from a specifc garden in Cornwall, England. The market price of the garden was taken down 100 pounds.

A 12" EP released by Aphex Twin (Richard D. James) in 1995, on Warp Records. The tracklist is as follows:

Meant to be played at 33 1/3 rpm, but of course, that is merely what is the convention. Play it as you deem it sounds best! (;) mkb). Released as CD the same year.

The track Donkey Rhubarb is very odd, yet cheery-sounding, featuring steel drums, bouncy sounds and hardcore bassdrums. The video features some very disquieting "Rhubears" (Big colorful bears with Richard D. James' madly grinning face) dancing a hip hop style dance in a warehouse. Interlaced with these already disturbing images, are the Rhubears running around between happy children, and an all-red scene of the Rhubears apparently having sex. Combine this with close ups of a wrench and you have the recipe for a good nightmare.

The cover art is a Gigerish landscape of grinning mouths, with "Donkey Rhubarb" written in abysmal pink letters across.

Audited February 26, 2002

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