Theres lots of numbers floating around, as I walk down a normal, inner city street. Of course, this being a dream, numbers floating around seems very normal.
I walk, and suddenly trip over a hose, banging right into the side walk. An old man helps me up
"Are you alright, that was a mighty fall" I think he says.

Suddenly its dark, nobodys on the streets anymore. The old man looks at the sky in fear, looks at me, and runs away.
I felt, as you could guess, scared,but I stood up, and just kept walking.
I tripped over another hose, this time I was REALLY angry, good thing nobody was around.
I stood up and kept walking...again.

I crossed the road, one of the floating numbers hit me. I didn't care.
Some one grabbed me by the neck, and pulled me into an alley way, I tried to sceam, but he put his hand on my mouth.
Lots of people were in the alley way laughing. They had big injection needles, and were grabbing floating numbers, and injecting them with black stuff. I could hear their little squeals.
"Your turn" Said the man who was holding me, I could not see his face... to dark.
He injected me with the black stuff.
And then I woke up.

I'm inside an old, wooden country store. A guy who looks exactly like Randall "Tex" Cobb is on a trip with us, and he walks into the store near to where I am standing. Suddenly, he grabs my throat and asks "Did you bang the back of my seat?"

I, of course, tell him "No", and he starts choking me harder. This is about when I overpower him and kick his ass.

Time shifts ahead a bit, and I'm walking outside the store to where my parents are sitting. I tell my Dad that Randall attacked me and I had to defend myself, and that there was something he needed to see. I ended up showing him a coffee mug that I had made from parts of Randall's corpse. (What a nice thought.) It turns out I had killed him with a small chainsaw. (What an even nicer thought.)

We finally get to Randall's body, which I have propped up in a chair. My Mom and Dad are pretty shocked, but my Mom walks a little closer. I look closely at Randall's eyes, and I notice they are moving ever so slightly. I yell to my Mom to get away, but it's not in time. Randall gets a surprised look on his face and grabs my Mom's arm. He grabs a sharp metal thing with his other hand and stabs the underside of my Mom's forearm. I then shove her out of the way and punch Randall in the face. I ask my Mom if she's okay, and she says "Yes. There's no blood."

My Dad decides it would be best to put the body upstairs above the store so it can't do any harm. He carries it up and slumps it over, enough so I can see the body's hand from downstairs in the window. As my Dad reaches the door, I see the hand open up really wide. I remember thinking that it would be a good idea to cut off his hands and feet so that he'd have a hard time accomplishing anything.

Dream Shift

I'm at a car wash. The thoughts that I had pointed to the fact that I was married to Mia Wallace, with Marsellus Wallace's reluctant blessing. Mia was with me, as was a blonde woman named Danielle. We were trying to start the car, but it would only crank - the engine would never start. I look out onto the main road (which is only about 15 feet from the car wash's edge), and I see Marsellus looking at me. (He's driving a compact car, and I remember thinking that was awfully strange.) He gives me a cold look and says "I'm going to come over there and kick your ass."

That's when I got really nervous.

Marsellus drives in, and tells me to come with him as we look under the hood to see why the car isn't starting. He checks the oil, and says that's what the problem is. (We need to add oil. Okay.)

Mia goes inside to purchase some oil, and a small red car pulls up and drives into the manual car wash bay. Marsellus tells me he wants me to take a blowdryer and dry the cement that was made wet by the water bucket. I'm confused, but I'm not going to argue with Marsellus Wallace, so I do as I'm told. I start drying, and Danielle wanders into the wash bay.

My POV is now following Danielle, and the people from the red car turn out to be a man and two women. The women are clearly intoxicated, and one walks over and attempts to give Danielle a passionate kiss. Danielle resists, and the man gets pissed and walks over. The POV switches back to me, and I run to where Marsellus is standing.

"You want to give me some help now? Danielle is in there being attacked."

Marsellus gets visibly pissed. "OUR DANIELLE?"

I quickly shake my head 'yes', and Marsellus drops everything he is holding and walks quickly into the wash bay - presumably to get medieval on that fucker to defend our friend Danielle.

As much as I wanted to see the results, I woke up. It's probably for the best, though, Marsellus likes to do that stuff without a whole lot of attention.

I was in Knock in the West of Ireland, wandering through the prefabricated chapels and the fruit machine souvenir shops, when I felt a strange call, and headed out towards the medical buildings...I found this squat, grey hospice, and walked past the windows...and there was someone behind the window, in the showers, who was frantically trying to get to me, to see was Aleister Crowley.

I had to trick my way past the hospice wardens to get to see him by pretending I had other business there. Outside his cubicle was a life-size picture of him in full Masonic regalia, and beside it hung robes, sigils and was magnificently camp, a parody of mysticism. He was squatting under the showers in depression or some kind of senility in this hopeless grey place, but he became very alert and sane when we talked. We laughed at the doctors together. He seemed happy to see me, or seemed to recognise me in some way, as if he'd been waiting for me, or someone like me, to come along.

He told me "A god is not bound to the Earth. A god is held by no strictures." I told him he sounded like J.R.R. Tolkien, and he seemed amused. He told me that he was not responsible for a lot of his excesses of personality during his life. He seemed to really love me and want to communicate with me. Sometimes he looked old and haggard, and other times young and fat.

I told him I was born on his birthday - October 12th - and he looked at me extremely intently and with great urgency, trying to see if I was telling the truth, because he thought this was very important. His hands were gnarled, with long yellow nails. He put one of his fingers in my mouth, and it tasted bad, salty and sour.

Something odd happened when I woke up...I had the feeling, as I was rising out of the dream, that it had ended because my sister was too seemed that she had been 'channeling' Crowley for me, and couldn't maintain was strange. When I was fully awake, I realized that he would always be there for me - that I could look inside any time and ask him a question, if I needed to.

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