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My dream starts in a dilapidated coffee bar in the center of town. I am walking around inside the bar feeling restless and smoking a joint. My friends or some people who I seem to know quite well (I am not sure) are sitting in a corner talking amongst themselves. The bar soon becomes too much for me and I decide to go outside and get some air. After a while I go back inside and start walking around again. I notice that in my absence a group of girls have arrived and are sitting at a table near the bar. I approach their table to get a better look at who they are. I look at them for a while and then turn to return to my friends table but as I turn one of the girls jumps at me and grabs my legs. I push her off of me and stagger out of the bar.

Once I get outside of the bar I stagger around for a while and end up outside of a Jewish deli (I have never seen a Jewish deli before but in my dream I seem to know some how that this particular deli is a Jewish deli). I go into the deli and I see two men behind the food counter, one old and one young. The older man asks me, “what do you want?”; I pause and look around for a while. I ask for jalapeño peppers (I have never eaten jalapeño peppers before) and the old man then proceeds to mumble something to the affect of, “this is a union shop buddy we don't serve toast here, can't have the workers burning bread that's non union work ” (????).

The young man then proceeds to scoop up a big pile of yellow weird stuff (looked like coleslaw dyed yellow), he places it on a wooden side board and smashes it with a wooden mallet causing the yellow stuff to turn into something that looked like a pancake, he then gets some red stuff and sticks it in the pancake (the red stuff sort of looked like mince) and then places the finished meal in a weird square solid silver dish that had sides that pushed out slightly ( it would look like this from the side \___/) and served it to me with an ornate silver fork.

I ask the old man how much he wants for the meal but he refuses to take any money and says, “its on the house”. The old man follows me out of the deli and returns with me to the coffee bar but as I enter the bar he stands at the door and does not enter. When I enter the bar I go over to the table where the people I know are sitting, they pass no remark on my absence and I start to eat my meal. As I eat I notice that the old man is staring at me from the doorway, I look closely at him and notice that he is getting younger as I eat, as I notice this he enters the bar and in a jovial manner approaches the bar staff (two of whom are female) and commences to chat them up. In a panic I get up and run out of the bar looking for a mirror, I try to scream but I find I can't so I try to say something instead, I think I say ,“I wonder if this is how I sound when I am getting older”, but that's not what comes out (something does come out but I was not able to make it out).

I start to run around town (which has now become a labyrinth of narrow confusing winding streets) looking about franticly for a mirror or something that I can see my reflection in. I notice that there are lots of other people running around but I am too scared to go up to any of them and ask if I am getting older as they all seem weird and frantic. Some of the people (the bald black ones who were wearing suits) appeared to be doing a weird sort of break dance. The dance consisted of them positioning themselves like runners (both hands on the ground legs positioned behind them as if they were about to run a race in the Olympics or something like that) and then jumping forward facing straight ahead and falling flat on their chins (just as they were about to fall on the ground they would throw their arms out to the sides so as to catch the full force of the fall).

I run around scared for what seems like a long time and end up in a part of town that I am completely unfamiliar with. In this part of town there are lots of girls who are about to be married (I am not sure how I know this but I do), wandering around in groups and they all seem to be looking for 21 kisses (???). I keep on running past them all and I end up running down a lush green grassy hill, suddenly I am in daylight (up until this point my dream was set at night).

At the bottom of the hill I bump into a red haired girl wearing glasses (I think I saw her on a bus a couple of days ago) who is running around. She is dressed like a runner (shiny red running shirt (no sleeves) and white Nike shorts with red stripes), she asks me if I would, “care to kiss a Mormon ?”. I kiss her and we both fall to the ground briefly. I get up and begin to walk away from her towards the hill but as I am about to go up the hill she says, “ok, have a nice night”, I turn around to face her and reply, “Have a nice wedding ”, I then pause for a while and say, “my names harry by the way ”, I pause again and say, “ but how do you know that? ”. Her parents then materialize beside her (I just know they are her parents) and she says to me, “that's a good point”, She then starts running after me and grabs my foot as I am attempting to go up the hill. I fall trying to get up the now even steeper hill and at this point I wake up.

I was in Rochester, New York, and I was hanging out with some friends that I hold dear to me. We were at a bar, when all of the sudden a girl died sitting with her friends. I wasnt sure how she died but she did. I immediatly saw the reactions of her friends and I felt that I had to do something so, I tried everything that I knew to save her but it was too late. So I went home and tried to devise a plan. Through a lot of planning I found that I could find portals in certain times and places, to get me to a certain epicenter of soul and life. When I got there I saw tons of death and and beauty. It was after this expierience that I could now understand. People who hold a certain person so dear to thier hearts want that forever if at all possible. So I talked to these people about how they felt about her friend that died at the bar and it was excrutiating the amount of of love that they had for her. Since I now had this power I was going to try and bring her back. SO I entered a portal at ellison park at around 10:30 pm I got to exactly where I wanted to be. I saw her there. I took her soul and charged it like a battery. We both walked back through the portal and I took her home she had no clue.

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