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This night I was in a supermarket. The supermarket was controlled by a gang of marginalized, alternative hippies and punks. These anarchists had taken over the supermarket but their power was not constituted by direct violence and it wasn't formal power. Not at all, their power was that of biopolitics (see Foucault et al). The people willingly did exactly what the hippies wanted thinking that it was their free choice to buy certain things et cetera. However, all the pieces dropped nicely together just exactly how the commies had thought beforehand. In principle, I was with them because I shared their outspoken aim to change the world.

But the plan wasn't going right. A detested hierarchy emerged among the hippies and thus the original aim of quiet revolution was diluted. Furthermore, there were many teenagers who were now conscious about biopolitics. These teens were led by a cute lassie with a short brown hair. In order to gum up the biopolitical control of the anarchists the teens rearranged merchandise in the supermarket. I noticed what they were doing but I did nothing to stop them for two reasons:
1) The original noble cause of the anarchists was corrupted.
2) I fancied the teen leader.

So, before the long the hippies worked out what was going on but it was too late to do anything but to take the battle (of power) to the next level: that of physical violence. For an average customer the storm of hippies came out of the blue but the teens were prepared. Their leader organized the resistance in a second and the reorganized merchandise gave them an unexpected advantage (don't ask by which mechanism).

It was soon clear that the biopolitics of hippies was dismantled by this tiny war and thus the anarchist leader escaped. He run out the store and I followed. I was bit of afraid that if he saw me it would mean hard times for me. But he didn't and I took the different direction when out. Finally I took a bus to Hervanta.

I had some more weird dreams last night. The particularly weird one, and hence the one I remember clearest, is the one about Mike. It's strange because I only know Mike from IRC, and he doesn’t even live on the same continent as I do.

In the dream, my mother is very ill. My friend Mike invites me to dinner. I decide to go, and for whatever reason I do not tell my mother this. I have the distinct feeling she'll be very upset with me if she finds out. Still, I figure she is too ill to notice where I go. Mike drives up in an old blue car and we go off to his place for dinner. His dining room has a small table, and a window that looks out over a swimming pool. There is a third man there, I don’t know who he is supposed to be. I don’t recall how he or Mike looked, aside that they had short black hair much like myself. The three of us sit down to dinner. I remember one of the things we ate was macaroni and cheese. At one point I pondered if I was being poisoned, but nothing bad seemed to happen and we finished our meal.

Mike drives me back home and I sneak back into the house. Later, I'm sitting at the table with my mother, and she lets on that she knew where I was. Instead of being angry though, she tells me Mike is my father. I'm more confused than anything. I ask, "So Dad isn’t really my father?". My mother indicates that this is correct. Again, I ask, "Are you sure?". My mother again indicates that yes, she is sure.

The dream comes to an end. I think I might have actually awakened momentarily at that point. It's totally screwed up. As I settle back down, another dream scene comes into view. I can hardly remember this one.

I'm playing some sort of backyard war game with some other people my age. It’s kind of like a squirt gun fight, but with different weapons. The only one I can remember was the slimy gelatinous blobs that we threw at each other.

Scene changes again.

I’m at my computer, beginning a game of Commander Keen. The levels are totally different, and I can’t remember there being any monsters, just traps. After completing a level or two, I’ve got Keen on the world map screen, which has blue rocks and mountains. I bring Keen down to the farthest south area of the map, and there are two huge volcanoes there, spewing fireballs across the landscape. I make Keen enter the level, and the level is on one of the volcanoes, with fireballs coming down from above.

After that, I see one last thing, more vividly remembered.

I am at my computer, but this time there is a white screen with check boxes on it. The check boxes are each labeled with some article of military gear. I put checks on Dark Grey Uniform, Helmet, and Boots.

Then I wake up.

Arg. In that wonderful space between being asleep and being awake, when you don't really have to get up for anything, when you can slip in and out of dreams, I keep having dreams that I've already done something, when in real life, I have not. I keep dreaming about birth control pills, that I've already taken one (dreaming) when I really haven’t. This is distressing. I always check and I usually find the day's pill still there in its foil bubble pack. Also in that place between bed and coffee lurks the broken reasoning. I thought it was Wednesday today (because it was Tuesday yesterday, everyone knows that!) so I had a moment of ACK! when I went to take a pill (conveniently labeled with days above each one). Of course, it is Monday, which I realised upon checking over my reasons for thinking it was Wednesday today. That broken reasoning can do some cracked up things to logic, it can. Always check.

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