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Me and some (unknown in real life) mate went to a cottage to spend a nice day over there and consume a joint or two. We also intended to take some joints with us for selling when we were going to leave the cottage.

Everything went fine until our dog became interested in something and it run away. We ducked down because we weren't actually allowed to be here and the illicit drugs we had would make things even worse. However, we had to know what was going on and I saw our dog was running after two wolves. We were bit revealed but only for a while because soon there was spout of water sprinkling behind a juniper nearby. There had to be someone there and we run into the cottage in horror.

Our intention was to collect the drugs and leave but my friend found a controlling table full of different buttons and all. Then we found Stinger anti-aircraft missiles too. We watched out of the window and there were many US planes, very modern ones, flying towards Afghanistan. My mate pressed a button and we heard the rumble of an engine. We saw how an empty aircraft, looking like a spaceship (it was without the roof and there were seats for people but no one was in), climbed into the sky towards bigger aircraft. It was supposed to be attached into the big one but it fell short. Probably there wasn't enough gasoline or something.

By this time we knew we really had screwed up. But we concluded we might now try the Stinger too and so we waited for the takeoff of another aircraft. It wasn't a long waiting and the target was pretty easy. I shot the missile and it hit the target good. End of story for that bombing operation.

Next I was sitting in a train towards Afghanistan. I had won a ticket to anywhere in a world and I had chosen Afghanistan. The decision was made before there was any trouble by Yanks.

Coming closer to Afghani border the train slowed down. We saw many refugees out there fleeing the terror of outraged Afghani soldiers. They had invaded the country nearby retaliating the bombings of Kabul. These people were defenseless and the only ones the Afghanis were really able to get their hands in.

Soon we all knew that the train track was broken and the train had to stop. We had a good view out there and there was a christian church just outside. Afghanis were murdering people out there and then something miraculous happened. A statue of the Virgin Mary moved couple of hundred meters by itself. It wasn't walking or anything but it sort of levitated just above the ground. Everyone halted whatever they were doing. Even the Afghanis stopped with their killings. Then an invicible sword (yes, it was invicible but we just knew it was a sword) emerged and slashed the head of the statue off. The head dropped into its own hands.

Everyone was absolutely shocked but soon the Afghanis started again and the slaughter continued. One christian nun fell on her knees praying and her head was chopped of by Afghani sword, just like the Virgin Mary. All the Christians followed her example. Even I did, although I'm not a member of any religion. I didn't know what to say as I tried to pray but then the image of my dad appeared. He lectured me: "Now you see... You could have missed the journey and it wouldn't cost you anything. Now you're there and... You see, it's a critical time and you're praying too. Rely on God." I didn't know what to think but I knew the death was coming closer.

Some kind of mix of The A-Team, The Blair Witch Project and Metal Gear Solid...

Hannibal and I were building The War Machine Of Day: A giant armed bulldozer with plastic, translucent yellow walls. We were supposed to get through the wall of some troublesome building with that.

While it was H's turn to build the thing and I was resting, I drew some flags of the European regions, and also some historical flags and emblems. My mother asked me what flags those were, and I showed them to her. She could recognize most of them, but she thought a flag I had drawn (that didn't exist in real life) belonged to some historical French figure - yes, the flag resembled it, but the fleur de lis symbol was upside down, forming a stylished letter M.

After the bulldozer thing was finished, I was supposed to drive it alone. As I was driving along the road, I commented to others (by radio, I suppose, unless I was talking to myself? =) "Okay, I'm now driving along the forest path, it's night and it's damn dark here... I'm alone, except for those scary vampire bats with big shiny red eyes in the roof of the cab... It's moving surprisingly smoothly on such a narrow path..."

Some time later, I was in some sort of checkpoint - I was going in to a big building. The guard, with thick arabic accent, said "Why are these papers here? Why are these papers here? They shouldn't exist!" - he had immediately seen my papers were forged - and put them to a paper shredder. I watched the papers go through the shredder, and then just hit the guard to jaw. He fell to floor, I examined him to see he was alive (I didn't want to kill him!) and went in.

I walked around in the building. I ended up to a square looped corridor that had two doors out, but both were locked. I heard a comment from the building's PA: "It's useless, you can't escape!"... but I quickly found a way to get out: All I needed to do was that I turned off the lights, and then I noticed the lock opened easily.

I ended up to another corridor. I noticed a short guard, wearing a bright red and yellow uniform, walking towards me up a long ramp. He didn't see me when I jumped to a side corridor. I waited until he got right next to me. He turned to the side corridor, didn't see me at first, and just when he noticed me I hit him and he got knocked out. I wondered why they react on such a long notice (especially when my clothing rustled too much, not a suit made for sneaking)...

...At which point I woke up.

An old boyfriend, Jay, walked into my house and with his current girlfriend. "I thought you were in Seattle!", I said. "I was", he told me, "I came back to see you". He arranged for his girlfriend to sit a little bit away from us, we were pretending to do some work together. He came near me and whispered in my ear, "I miss you. You're something else, you know?" I shuddered with longing and desire, when I was so close to him. His beauty and scent always mesmerized me.

The emotions in the dream were longing, desire, love, very strongly etched on the surface of very little happening, and as a result, it was extremely memorable and haunting. The strong peach and gold colors in the house were all due to the light, as if the sun was setting nearby, lending everything a rich golden hue. I was on fire for him.

This is the first night in a week I haven't dreamt of kissing and holding Angela close, or if I did, the memory is gone. I wanted to get in touch with him immediately when I awoke, and hear his voice.

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