The DEA (Drug Enforement Administration) was established on July 1, 1973 when president Richard Nixon and Congress agreed to Reorganization Plan No. 2. This plan merged all of the existing federal anti-drug agencies - the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, the Office of Drug Abuse Law Enforcement, and the Office of National Narcotics Intelligence - into one unified department, the DEA. This new administration was now part of the Department of Justice. The DEA was created to simplify the investigation on illegal drug use, and fight against drug trafficking. It effectively unified drug investigations, created a single federally run drug intelligence database, and established liaison between anti-drug agents nationally, at the state level, and internationally.

The mission of the DEA is to enforce the stupid and outdated laws on controlled substances (violating civil rights in the process), and to apprehend people who are involved in the manufacture, growing, or distribution of illegal substances within the United States. The DEA also investigates and prepares for the prosecution of major violators of the laws concerning illegal substances who operate nationally and internationally.

Also notable is the fact that the DEA's main function seems to be the escalation of drug prices in places where higher prices for drugs that are considered illegal serve US interests. For instance, in the months prior to the September 11th tragedy the US government negotiated with the Taliban to allow the installation of a DEA office in Afghanistan and the establishment of American style drug laws. This action quickly allowed the US backed Northern Alliance to build up cash for their military effort, as well as opening the door for the US to more easily negotiate an oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea through Afghanistan. Guess who else used these super-inflated drug prices as a bad-guy bake-sale... You guessed it, the infamous OBL (kind of like the ODB, but with more of a middle eastern accent and less rhythm). This makes me think that either the US knew Osama was getting money from higher drug prices and thought it was good idea (shudder) or, and this seems more likely considering the utter retardation one can witness daily on C-SPAN, the good ole US government just doesn't realize that by making it illegal for Billy to sell drugs means Billy can sell drugs for twice the price, and that his friend Joey might cotton on that drugs are a lucrative source of cash.

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