Below is a (very) abbreviated list of common drum slang terms. Most of them refer to occurrances, conditions, and people that take place at drum corps, but some can be used generally by any drummer.

Keck-v- to play around (excercizes, etc) during free time, usually on desks, floor, people- anything but a drum
Chops-n- Arm strength. Achieved through hard work. Chop-0ut-v- to play until your arms turn to jelly. this will increase arm strength, chops, and muscle mass in the forearms (see Popeye sydrome).
Prize Bitch-n- the new kid on the drumline who is considered "so sweet" by the color guard girls because he is "so unlike those other drummers"
Water Boy-n- the one drummer who can never get any of the fun, tough licks right, thus forcing the instructors to water the parts down
Lifeguard-n- the senior drummer who sits the waterboy down and makes him learn his parts before they're so watered down that the rest of the drumline is ready to kill him
Popeye syndrome-n- A muscular condition in which a drummer's forearms become larger than his biceps
Putz-ass-n- The head brass instructor
Clusterfuck-n- A marching set that is so confused that the entire band is standing within a ten foot by ten foot area
Apeshit-n- Total out of control or very very loud playing ie- "That bass line is going apeshit!"
Gatorbeater-n- A snare player with so much chops he's put a stick through a kevlar head
Dumbfuck-n- Any non-drummer member of the band. syn- Drummer Wannabe, Lame-ass
Fascist Pig- The head marching instructor. syn-That fucking Nazi motherfucker, shithead, etc...

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